Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting More Exercise, One Step at a Time

By Sean Kelley

Back when I had athletic street cred—as a soccer and rugby player and 5K specialist—I used to scoff at walkers. Although walking might be somewhat better than total lethargy, I failed to see how anyone could devote enough time to plodding around to get the benefit that one does with more aerobic activities. Besides, the mall, where such “exercisers” tended to hang out, is only open for so many hours a day.

At the height of this athletic snobbery, I likened walking for exercise to golfing as a sport: You can break a sweat doing either activity, but they’re not sports.

Of course, I was wrong. Golf is a sport, especially if you walk the course. (I’m still recovering from my last round; with 40 pounds of equipment on your back, walking from the clubhouse to the first tee burns a lot of energy). And walking, I’ve recently discovered, is substantially better for you than I thought. Read More

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