Thursday, January 05, 2012

Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer Risk

I have had discussions with the top research at the Council for responsible nutrition who informed me that their high level consensus was that up to 10,000 units of Vitamin D is safe for virtually anyone. Now we have a slight cloud on that; however, I think this article clarifies just how slight that "cloud" on Vitamin D Safety really is.

This excellent article from NCI suggests that it is only a very remote possibility that the most aggressive forms of Prostate cancer might be aggravated by Vitamin D. This article, however, concludes with the obvious that the overall benefits from improving Vitamin D status clearly outweigh any such remote possibility. This article also recognizes what I have been teaching for 20 years, which is the incidence of prostate cancer by age 60 is clearly at least 50% and most of those cancers are not linked to the cause of death in those patients. Read more...

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