Monday, July 12, 2010

Everybody is Drinking Somebody Else's Disease

Everybody is drinking somebody else's disease because...

Today's water is low in Electrons that destroy free radicals that cause disease

The disease markers of former users are still in the water!!!

That's why water from the purest water products goes bad in a bottle or quickly develops such a horrible smell in a hot tub, you couldn't get in the hot tub if it's not treated! For centuries (vapor to rain), the disease markers from the waste products of billions and billions of people and animals spread diseases everywhere!

My patents and proprietory secrets prove that I am THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD that can find disease markers in water and as a result, unlike cigarette manufacturers that have a warning label, there are grounds for legal action against sellers of bottled, ordinary distilled, reverse osmosis, ozonated, filtered, alkaline and spring water products for causing any problem you can name!!

Proof! I have copies of a certified letter that I sent to the authorities where they now have the highest cancer rate in the country in spite of using these products!! Read more...

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