Friday, June 25, 2010

When the Battery has run down

Daily stress, high demands, and little appreciation by our surroundings – all this carries the potential to frustrate us and burn us up.

Burnout is physical as well as emotional exhaustion, caused by permanent stress and tension. Such deep exhaustion does not come overnight but will accumulate slowly. First – frequently, initially temporary – symptoms are a lack of concentration, listlessness, depressionand head- and backache.

Distorted Balance: Chronic mental overload and stress cause an information explosion within our organism. The balance is at risk: those systems of regulation that usually keep our bodies well-balanced are increasingly overcharged. This will, for instance, result in sleep disorders, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, digestive problemsand proneness to infections. In the long run, it will cause a lack of energy that involves decreased concentrativeness, drawback, irritability, emotional void, fear and depression. The pressure we are exposed to is discharged physically as well as mentally.Read more...
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