Friday, November 07, 2008

Is the Sick Economy Hurting Your Breasts? You Tell Us

By Anne Krueger

You’ve probably been reading about how a sick economy affects your health in numerous depressing ways, and how consumers are reacting by skimping on medications and skipping doctor visits. Unfortunately, your breasts may be pinched by a recession too. Here, a few ways that Lucy and Ethel may suffer.
Skipped mammosOne of the best ways to prevent breast cancer is with a mammogram. You know you should follow the American Cancer Society recommendation to get one every year after the age of 40. But a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 31% of Americans skipped a health screening test this year—perhaps due to ballooning medical bills. Missing a mammogram puts your breasts—and overall health—at risk. Please let us know if you’ve skipped a breast health exam for financial reasons. Read More

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