Tuesday, August 05, 2008

YouTube Health Weirdness, Part 2: the Colonoscopy Sessions

By Scott Mowbray

Women are used to icky and invasive medical exams. Men aren’t and freak out about them like big babies, or turn them into war stories and angina monologues. For a lot of guys the freak-out happens at age 50, when the colonoscopy usually kicks in as a routine screening exam for colon cancer.
Of course, a colonoscopy is advised for women of that vintage too. But if you check out the YouTube colonoscopy-video hit parade—yes, there is one, and I’m excluding the genuine medical-education stuff here—you find it dominated by male comedians and would-be comedians making laxative jokes; old men droning on for no reason about their colonoscopy experiences; and even original musical numbers and dramatic shorts in a colonoscopy context—starring mostly men. Most of it is foul and horribly dumb. Read More

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