Friday, June 27, 2008

Day-Care Dilemma: Keeping Our Allergic Son Safe

By Sean Kelley

For a toddler, my son is gaining an unusual amount of notoriety. There’s already a sort of “Wanted” poster of him at the local YMCA, where he drops by a few times a week. And it’s not because he’s prone to biting when hungry or tired. The nursery signs (there are three of them): “Only give Graeme Kelley the snack or food or drinks from his bag. He has allergic [sic] reactions to certain foods. Thank you.”
Graeme’s Y visits constitute the only time his child-care needs are out of our control. The rest of the time he is with one of his grandmothers or my wife and me.
Like many parents, we were obsessive in our selection of caregivers for Graeme’s older sister. And when we found out Graeme had severe allergies—both food and environmental—our obsession turned to paranoia. First, we drilled his grandmothers with a short list of don’ts: Don’t give him anything with peanuts, corn, soy, wheat, eggs, or chicken. Don’t let him near any cats. Read More

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