Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch your blood pressure if you buy Sony products i.e. in Thailand

SONY Customer Service Sucks


Dear Sirs, I bought a laptop in your Sony outlet here in Chiang Mai; since I bought them I have only problems. 2 times was the charger broken, 1 time the changed the main board; after the changed the main board I received the laptop back in an unfinished status.. I gave it back and they send it again to Bangkok with the promise to fix this in one week. Now impossible, because they have to order some spare parts from Singapore. What I bought was a new laptop for THB 70.000; and what I got is a crisis of reparation. I can't accept and will inform the customer protection organization of Thailand about my experience with my buy of a sony laptop. Sincerely, Dr. Bettermann

The blood pressure is going up, but still under control.

Dear Dr. Bettermann,
We are sorry to learn of you disappointment regarding the VAIO. We investigated with concerned Department and would like to inform that:
On October 28, 2006, The VAIO model VGN-SZ31SP/B, Serial no. 7000119 was purchased from Chi Chang Computer, Chiangmai.

On May 5, 2007, you sent the battery model VGP-BPS2C to be checked at Chiangmai service center without notebook VAIO. The symptom was "Could not charge the battery" Technician had checked and replaced the new battery.

On December 7, 2007, you sent VAIO and battery to be repaired at Chi Chang Computer with the same symptom. After checked, technician replaced the Main board and Battery. The set was finished on December 7, 2007 On January 1, 2008, the set was sent to Chi Chang Computer once as the cover keyboard did not closeness after repaired. We would like to apologize for this repairing. Currently, your set was checked and very strict quality control by Technician Supervisor and your set has been repaired, and is being delivered to Chi Chang Computer.

Pertaining to cover keyboard did not closeness, kindly be ensure that necessary action will be taken to prevent similar case from happening again. Please wait Chi Chang Computer contact you for receipt.

Again, we do really regret for all the inconveniences you received and apologize regarding repair service. Please kindly accept my sincere apology for the late reply.

However we are indeed very appreciative of your valuable feedback, as it will help us to identify areas of improvement we need to focus on.

For more information, please contact VAIO HelpDesk on 0-2715-6111.

Dear valuable Sony Support Service,

Its seems this Odyssey is not finish.
You have again in your Repair Center my laptop and nobody seems to know what is wrong with it. This is now After 2 weeks.

I called today Sony and asked to get a new laptop that this night mare ended. The answer is no.
After my experience with your service I checked in the internet and there thousand's more out with the same complains and are very unhappy with your company.

So what else you can tell me about your high tech products and your service?
When I get a laptop back what I purchased for THB 7o.000 who works no longer then 3 month?
Your desperate and disappointed Costumer.

What should I do to bring the blood pressure down with my Sony Vaio??

For all disappointned Sony Customer here some advice:

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