Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Day two on Oxy-Powder

Day 2
Day two on Oxy-Powder

day two is here! i don't have much time to write so point form is gonna have to do this morning:- took 6 caps last night.- i kept waking up and having to go; 3:45 am and 5ish - just brown watery stuff- restless sleep and not feeling tired at all, so that's not too bad- I’m passing now mostly what we so end early call on here 'butt pee', but no cramps or gas- some rice like things, just a few so far. parasite eggs again. *groan*

- i have no appetite, but besides that i don't feel bad at all.
- i feel a LOT lighter in body and mind.
- my diet is pretty much the same, fruit, veg. chilly, some coffee and tea (organic) but no dairy. . oh and wheat thins (crackers) seem to be my favorite lately.
- my allergies are clearing up too.
- i'm also adding the left over caps from the last paragone cleanse. 2 last nights, 2 this morning.

Ok, more later! The sun is out and i gotta go enjoy it!

More information’s about oxypowder and parasites

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